The Quran o'Phonics Journey 


The Quran o’Phonics Reading Program was created by a team of educational professionals who have been working in the early years sector for over twenty years.


Our team of professionals include:

  • early years teachers
  • educational consultants
  • curriculum designers
  • teacher trainers
  • Islamic scholars
  • Quran teachers (Qaris and Qariaat)
  • author of Tajweed Textbook and Quran teaching aids


They have international qualifications and experience in:

  • child psychology
  • early childhood development
  • language acquisition and
  • Quranic sciences


The creators of the Quran o’Phonics Reading Program are well-versed with ideal teaching practices that have been tried and tested with countless children around the world.  


They decided to apply their expertise in early childhood language learning and the teaching of the Holy Quran to create a world-class Arabic reading system that is comparable to popular English reading methods.


Our own experience of trying to teach children, as well as that of many parents around the world, made us realise that there was a lack of good-quality teaching resources available to teach Arabic.


Whereas, on the other hand, in our professional capacity as main-stream teachers, we could always find lots of high-quality resources to teach English language and other subjects. 


While teaching Quran-reading to young students we began developing teaching material that proved to be extremely effective, student after student. Other parents and Quran teachers began contacting us to teach their children. We took on as many students as we could, but after seeing the amazing results in every child we taught, we felt a responsibility to share our teaching methods and resources with others, so that more children could benefit, just like ours had.


The Quran o’Phonics Reading Program was born out of a need to provide teachers and parents with a complete reading program that would guide them step-by-step on exactly how to teach children to read the Holy Quran in a systematic and enjoyable way.  


We are working hard to design all the course components needed to help those wanting to embark on the rewarding journey of giving a child the gift of being able to read the Holy Quran.


It gives us great pleasure to share the carefully-created Arabic reading curriculum of Quran o’Phonics with you and we are confident that you and the children you teach will benefit from it.


We seek the pleasure and reward of Allah (swt) in all our endeavours.