Activity Aids

Learning through play makes sure children enjoy their Quran learning time. These exciting Quran o'Phonics resources will help parents and teachers prepare games to reinforce the Arabic alphabets. Watch our videos to see how you can use these resources in learning games. 

See the Quran o'Phonics Mega List of Activities and Games for lots of exciting ideas on how to use these resources. 

Pegging Game

Caterpillar Game

Alphabet Clock Game

Alphabet Fishing Game

Alphabet Bingo

Interactive Activity - KEYBOARD MAGIC

RL 3.2: 2-Letter Words - Keyboard Magic

RL 3.3: 3-Letter Words - Keyboard Magic

RL 3.4: Funny Formations - Keyboard Magic

Word Wheels

More Activity Aids

Bookmarks, Charts and Quick Reference Aids

Quran Reflection (for older children)

More Teaching Aids