Quran o’Phonics

Practice Sheets and

Reading Assessment Tasks

Quran o’Phonics Practice Sheets contain lots of examples to practice reading and take the child a step closer to reading the Holy Quran. With these practice sheets the child not only masters the new concept learnt at that reading level of the Quran o’Phonics Reading Program, but also revises rules learnt in previous reading levels. 


To check if a child has mastered a reading level and is ready to progress to the next reading level, Reading Assessment Tasks are conducted individually for each child.


Quran o’Phonics Practice Sheets can be used for reading directly from the Practice Sheet. However, children often get bored if they have to read word after word for a long time. Therefore, teachers can use the ideas given below to create a variety of activities with the Practice Sheets, that will make reading more enjoyable.


Activity Ideas for Quran o’Phonics Practice Sheets

Teachers can use the ideas given below to create a variety of activities using the Reading Practice Sheets, to make reading more enjoyable.


How to Use Quran o’Phonics Reading Practice Sheets

How to Prepare Practice Sheets for Activities


2 Sets: For some activities you will need to print 2 copies of the same Practice Sheet. It is better to print on white paper (instead of coloured paper) as this is closer to the real experience of reading from the Holy Quran later.


Enlarge: For some activities you need to enlarge the words, for instance, to enable all the children in a large class to see the word.

You can display the words on a screen, such as a smartboard, LCD or screen share in an online class.

Avoid writing the words by hand, as most people’s handwriting differs from the printed Quran that the child will read at a later stage.


Cut: Individual words or word strips need to be cut for these activities.


Laminate: To make your resources long-lasting, it helps to laminate them from the beginning.



For more exciting ideas see the Quran o'Phonics Mega List of Activities and Games.

Reading Practice Sheets

Part 1

Reading Level 1 Practice Sheet: The Arabic Alphabet

Reading Level 2: Short Sounds (Harakaat)

RL 2.1 Practice Sheet: Dhammah

RL 2.2 Practice Sheet: Kasrah

RL 2.3 Practice Sheet: Fathah

Reading Level 3: Joining Letters

RL 3.2 Practice Sheet: 2-Letter Words (with Harakaat)

RL 3.2 Practice Sheet: 2-Letter Words (without Harakaat)

RL 3.3 Practice Sheet: 3-Letter Words (with Harakaat)

RL 3.3 Practice Sheet: 3-Letter Words (without Harakaat)

RL 3.4 Practice Sheet: Unusual Shapes

Reading Level 4: Tanween (Twins)

RL 4.1 Practice Sheet: Tanween Dhammah

RL 4.2 Practice Sheet: Tanween Kasrah

RL 4.3 Practice Sheet: Tanween Fathah

Reading Level 5: Long Sounds (Madd Letters)

RL 5.1 Practice Sheet: Long Dhammah Sound (Wow Madd)

RL 5.2 Practice Sheet: Long Kasrah Sound (Yaa Madd)

RL 5.3 Practice Sheet: Long Fathah Sound (Alif Madd)

Reading Level 6: Sukoon

Reading Level 7: Shaddah

Reading Level 8: Joining Words and Silent Letters

RL 8.1 Practice Sheet: Sleeping Hamzah (Hamzatul Wasl)

RL 8.2 Practice Sheet: Joining with Sukoon or Shaddah

RL 8.3 Practice Sheet: Carrying Letters

RL 8.4 Practice Sheet: Zero Means Nothing

Part 2-3

Reading Level 9-17: Coming Soon

After the child is fluently and accurately reading the practice sheets, the teacher conducts the Reading Assessment Task for that level, before moving onto the next reading level.