Quran o'Phonics for Children | Reading Level 2 | Alphabet Forms and Arabic Symbols

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Once a child has learnt the alphabets, they need to progress to the next stages needed to enable then to read Arabic words and eventually entire Ayaat of the Holy Quran.

In this course, participants will be guided step-by-step on how and at which stage to introduce each reading level according to the Quran o'Phonics method. 

You will learn how to teach :

  • the alphabet forms in which each letter appears : beginning, middle and end of a word.
  • symbols needed to read Arabic: Harakaat, Tanween, Sukoon and Shaddah.

Course participants will be provided with resources to help them teach. 

The course contains: 

Videos, Reading Material, Assessments

Before enrolling on this course, participants should have completed the following courses:

1- Introduction to the Quran o'Phonics Reading Program

2- Reading Level 1- Teaching the Arabic Alphabet to Early Learners 


This e-course will be launched soon! 

Send us a message if you would like to enroll on this e-course.