Quran o'Phonics Flashcards

Quran o'Phonics Alphabet Flashcards are a must-have that accompany the Quran o'Phonics Reading Program. Whether a child is learning to read with an online teacher or learning at home with a parent, they should have flashcards to work with. 

These flashcards are designed to be used with activities described in the Quran o'Phonics Teaching Guides and Lesson Plans for each Reading Level

See the Quran o'Phonics Teaching Guides and videos for lots of ideas on how to use Quran o'Phonics Flashcards.

Don't miss the Quran o'Phonics Mega List of Activities and Games for lots of exciting ideas on how to use these resources. 

How to Prepare Flashcards:

1- Go through the Quran o'Phonics Teaching Guides and Lesson Plans. Then, decide which flashcards you need to use.

2- Print the flashcards on white paper. 

3- Cut the flashcards along the dotted lines.

4- Make the flashcards durable by laminating each one, after they have been cut.

Alternately, you could print them on good quality photo-paper, so that little hands don't damage the cards.

5- Stick Magnetic Strips behind the laminated flashcards, to stick on a magnetic whiteboard. This is useful when teaching a group class.

Flashcards have been grouped according to the Quran o'Phonics Reading Levels:

Reading Level 1 - Arabic Alphabet Flashcards

Reading Level 2 - Harakaat: Dhammah, Kasrah, Fathah Symbol Flashcards

Reading Level 3 - Joining-Letter Flashcards

Reading Level 4 - Tanween Flashcards

Reading Level 6 & 7 - Sukoon and Shaddah Flashcards

All Symbols Flashcards - Coloured 

All Symbols Flashcards - Black