Reading Assessment Tasks

Guidelines for Using the Quran o’Phonics Reading Assessment Tasks (RAT)

Resources Needed:

  1. Quran o’Phonics Reading Assessment Task – Student Sheet 
  2. Quran o’Phonics Reading Assessment Task – Teacher’s Copy

 Before moving onto the next reading level, a teacher should carry out the Reading Assessment Task to ensure the child has mastered the current reading level. Reading Assessment Tasks are the final part of each reading level and contain a brief assessment to test if the child has mastered the topic of that reading level. 

Reading Assessment Tasks must be conducted individually for each child to give the teacher a clear picture of the child's ability.

The child will read from the Student Sheet. The teacher should not write on this. It can be re-used for many students.

However, have a separate Teacher’s Copy for each student. Write their name on it. The teacher make notes on this copy according to how the child reads and will keep it in the child's record. If the teacher feels that the child needs more practice in a particular rule, she may use the same Assessment Sheet to do another assessment of the same child.

Encourage the student for their efforts, even if they make mistakes. Avoid expressing negative comments.

Reading Assessment Tasks can also be used as a base-line assessment with new students. Whenever a new child joins, assess their level of Arabic reading, before teaching them anything. This helps the teacher to:

  •            gauge the child’s current level
  •            plan lessons according to the child’s level
  •            measure the child’s progress more accurately after you have taught them

For instance, it is possible that a 4 year old might come to you already knowing all the alphabet, but is mispronouncing a few. In such a case, you do not need to spend time teaching all the letters again, but can only work on improving their pronunciation of a few letters.

Reading Assessment Tasks (RAT)

Reading Level 1: The Arabic Alphabet

Student Sheet

Teacher's Copy 

Reading Level 2: Harakaat

RL 2.1 RAT: Dhammah

RL 2.2 RAT: Kasrah

RL 2.3 RAT: Fathah

Reading Level 3: Joining Letters

RL 3.2 RAT: 2-Letter Words

RL 3.3 RAT: 3-Letter Words

RL 3.4 RAT: Funny Formations

Reading Level 4: Tanween (Twins)

RL 4.1 RAT: Tanween Dhammah

RL 4.2 RAT: Tanween Kasrah

RL 4.3 RAT: Tanween Fathah

Reading Level 5: Long Sounds (Madd Letters)

RL 5.1 RAT: Long Dhammah Sound

RL 5.2 RAT: Long Kasrah Sound

RL 5.3 RAT: Long Fathah Sound

Reading Level 6: Sukoon

Reading Level 7: Shaddah

Reading Level 8: Joining Words and Silent Letters

Reading Level 9-17: Coming Soon