Reading Level 3: Joining Letters

The following resources will help you teach this reading level in the Quran o'Phonics Reading Program.

Begin with the Quran o'Phonics Syllabus Overview to get a bigger picture of the reading program.

Next, go through the Teaching Guides for this reading level.

The Teaching Guide for Reading Level 3: Joining Letters, contains detailed lesson plans and step-by-step guidelines on how to teach this level.

Quran o'Phonics Teaching Guide for Reading Level 3: Joining Letters

The complete Teaching Guide for Reading Level 3, includes the following reading levels:

  • Reading Level 3.1: The 7 Ouch Letters (letters that do not join)
  • Reading Level 3.2: 2-Letter Words
  • Reading Level 3.3: 3-Letter Words
  • Reading Level 3.4: Unusual Shapes

As you plan your teaching sessions according to the Teaching Guide, you will require a number of resources including those linked below.

Resources for Quran o'Phonics Reading Level 3: Joining Letters


RL 3.1- The Ouch Letters

RL 3.2- 2-Letter Words

RL 3.3- 3-Letter Words

RL 3.4- Hopping Haa's Play Hide and Seek

RL 3.4- The Story of Baby Bird Kaaf



Interactive Activity - KEYBOARD MAGIC:

RL 3.2: 2-Letter Words - Keyboard Magic

RL 3.3: 3-Letter Words - Keyboard Magic

RL 3.4: Funny Formations - Keyboard Magic

Reading Practice Sheets

Reading Assessment Task (RAT)

See the Quran o'Phonics Mega List of Activities and Games for lots of exciting ideas on how to use these resources.