Quran o'Phonics Teaching Resources

Flashcards, Activity Aids, Worksheets and Teaching Guides to accompany the Quran o'Phonics Reading Program, saving you lots of time and making it easier to teach.

We know how busy teachers and parents of young children can be. That is why Quran o'Phonics works hard to give you all the help you can get when teaching a child to read the Holy Quran.

Our carefully crafted teaching resources not only provide step-by-step guidelines on how to teach each stage of the reading process, but also provide you with a variety of resources that can be easily used, without having to make them yourself.

The detailed Quran o'Phonics Teaching Guides and Lesson Plans show you exactly when and how to use the Flashcards, Activity Aids, Worksheets and Practice Sheets as you follow the Quran o'Phonics Reading Program to teach a child to read the Holy Quran.

See the Quran o'Phonics Mega List of Activities and Games for lots of exciting ideas on how to use these resources. 

Quran o'Phonics Flashcards are a must-have that accompany the Quran o'Phonics Reading Program. Whether a child is learning to read with an online teacher or learning at home with a parent, they should have flashcards to work with. See the Qurano'Phonics Teaching Guides, lesson plans and videos for lots of ideas on how to use Quran o'Phonics Flashcards.

Activity Aids 

Learning through play makes sure children enjoy their Quran learning time. These exciting Quran o'Phonics resources will help parents and teachers prepare games to reinforce the Arabic alphabets.

See the Quran o'Phonics Teaching Guides, lesson plans and videos for lots of ideas on how to prepare games and activities using the Quran o'Phonics Activity Aids.

Worksheets help to sharpen a child's observational skills, practice what they have learnt and brings them closer to reading Arabic in print.

Quran o'Phonics offers a variety of worksheets to accompany the different reading levels. Worksheets are designed to cater to different abilities and interests.

Quran o'Phonics Teaching Guides are an integral part of the Quran o'Phonics Reading Program. They contain detailed explanations and lesson plans to guide parents and teachers step-by-step on precisely how to teach each reading level. These teaching guides are to be used along-side Quran o'Phonics e-courses and training videos.